Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment Methods


Convenient pay and comfortable delivery — this is how you can experience online shopping through 


Convenient and secure payment for you purchase.
Choose your favourite payment method:

Prepayment – Bank transfer

PayPal (even without a PayPal-account*)


Cash on delivery
If you do not want to pay online, and pay only when you actually have received the goods, then you should chose the payment method cash on delivery. In case of cash on delivery, you pay the deliverer directly, if you should not be at home, you pay for your DHL delivery at the post office.  If the goods are delivered to a pack station you can pay conveniently and without cash, with your EC- or Cash card, at the pack station.

Please be aware: 
If you should choose cash on delivery we have a processing fee of 4,00 Euro (incl VAT) - regardless of any shipping costs or the amount of the total order value. In addition the delivery person collects a fee of 2,00 Euro for the money transfer COD. COD delivery is only possible if we have your billing address.

Please keep the counted amount ready, as the deliverer does not always have enough change. 

Cash in advance – Bank transfer
Payment in advance you can choose, if you do not want to, or cannot use any of the other online payment options. Maybe you do not have access to your PIN/TAN, you do not have a credit card, or you simply do not want to use the internet for any kind of money transactions. Please do order anyway immediately and transfer the amount within three days to the specified e-mail account which was indicated in your confirmation e-mail. Please do not forget to include the order number and the customer number, so that we can allocate your payment. We will process your order as soon as we can determine the payment. In some cases it can take two business days for the funds to be transferred from your bank account to our account.

We will reserve your article for 7 days – enough time for payment by cash in advance.

PayPal payment under:

PayPal is a well known online-payment service that enables you to pay for your online purchases safe, simple, fast and free of charge.

PayPal is secure: Your bank and credit card details are only stored with PayPal. Therefore they will not be sent over the internet for every online purchase you make. The payment will be debited through the stored credit card or by direct debit from your account.

PayPal is simple: You pay with two clicks. You rely on the stored bank- and credit card details you have given PayPal, instead of entering them for every purchase. 

PayPal is fast: After the payment through PayPal, the seller receives immediately a confirmation and can send the goods quickly.